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a few things about hanz...


  • married to his wife debbie for 30 years.

  • 2 children, elly and mary

  • been the worship leader @ harvest christian fellowship in riverside, ca since 1997

  • started playing guitar when he was 13 (dinosaurs were spotted back then)

  • has two solo releases "for our King" 1999, "under the banner" 2014

  • in the past few years has played before close to 500,000 people (seriously, not kidding)

  • likes to ride bicycles for exercise and fun




little known facts about hanz...


  • was on an episode of Scrabble and won $1000 dollars

  • had the blessing of jamming not once, but twice with stevie wonder (seriously, not kidding)

  • eats a salad at least twice a day

  • enjoys playing fantasy football

  • once had all his clothes stolen when he was on tour (except for the clothes he was wearing, that would have really been bad)

  • his senior year of high school was voted most talented

  • cannot surf to save his life

  • is even worse at texting than surfing

if you are really (and I mean really) interested in reading the whole story about hanz and his life then click below to read the extensive (and I mean extensive) bio which includes his testimony of how he came to know CHRIST.

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